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Patient Reviews

Dr. Zac and Staff are Awesome!

Dr. Zac and staff are awesome to work with. They explain what and why they are doing what they are doing and also give you insight into your body.

Kathy W.

It’s an Easy Lifestyle to Continue!

While it’s not easy to change a lifetime of unhealthy choices, the staff’s encouragement has helped in guiding me through the program, and it’s an easy lifestyle to continue.

Trish H.

I have lost almost 40 lbs

I come in for an adjustment on a regular basis to keep the pain from coming back. I have lost almost 40 lbs, and my sleep is improving.

Kathy W.

It is a Nice, Calm, and Welcoming Environment!

Very friendly staff!! It is a nice, calm, and welcoming environment. The lights are very beneficial to overall well-being and relaxing.

Terri M.

Everyone is Motivating and Positive!

I have been held accountable each week. Everyone is motivating and positive. Understanding when you have an off week. They inspire you to do better.

Rebecca R.

Dr. Lujan is Great!

Dr. Lujan is great! A high-class place. He helped me in other areas with supplements in my daily routine.

Penni L.
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